Pompeo in Tampa discussing growing tensions with Iran

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo was at MacDill Air Force Base today as he met with General McKenzie and General Clarke. After the meeting, Pompeo made himself available to speak to the press. 

He explained his “purpose coming down here was to make sure the state department and the department of defense are coordinated on a broad range of issues.”

One of those issues is the growing tensions with Iran. 

Pompeo made it clear that the administration’s goal is, “To continue to work to convince the Islamic Government of Iran that we are serious and to deter aggression in the region.”

He also continued to urge the Iranian government to stop moving forward with their nuclear program and many other activities that they have taken part in. 

“President Trump does not want war,” Pompeo pleaded. 

He went on to remind people that this is not a new crisis, citing “40 years of Iranian activity that has led to this point.” 

Before leaving, Pompeo stressed how thankful he and the rest of America for the service men and women that are in the Middle East.