Practice makes perfect for father-son duo

Few things excite Jared Stancil as much as playing golf. Jared has Down syndrome. He and his dad Chad have just won first place in the Special Olympics Unified Partner Duo National Golf Tournament. 

"That's awesome," said Jared. "On the podium I put my arms up.”

“It was a blast," said Chad. "I mean, it was. It was an unbelievable experience. I really can't put it into words." 

Jared has been swinging a golf club since he was a child. 

"It was something that Jared had a passion for and so we went out and tried out. The rest is history," Chad said. 

Jared's secret for success?

"I practice my net. I practice at first tee. I practice at PBA," said Jared. "I always practice." 

The experience has drawn the father-and-son team closer together. 

"That's the biggest thing -- having fun and enjoying that relationship and that bond with him is unbelievable," added Chad.