Preemie penguin chick saved by zookeepers

London zookeepers are nursing a tiny premature penguin chick to health after it had a rocky start in life.

Keepers at this London Zoo say they found a penguin egg that was accidentally cracked by its parents but, to their surprise, the tiny chick was still alive inside.

That's when the zoo's onsite vet team sprang into action.

They carefully removed bits of shell around the tiny chick – now named Rainbow -- with tweezers. Then they moved it to an incubation room.

Rainbow spent the next few weeks cozying up to a cuddly toy penguin under the warming glow of a heat lamp.

She's hand-fed three times a day with a special diet of blended fish, vitamins, and minerals.

Rainbow is now 1-month-old and is expected to stay in the incubation room until she reaches 10 weeks old.

She'll then move to the zoo's specially-designed penguin nursery for swimming lessons before being introduced to the other 80 penguins