President Trump visiting Hillsborough vocational schools on Tuesday

Hillsborough schools are getting ready for a presidential visit. On Tuesday, President Trump will visit Tampa Bay Tech as part of his administration’s focus on schools that teach a trade.

After that, he will visit the fairgrounds for a rally with his supporters.

On Thursday, workers applied fresh coats of paint, concrete for flower beds, and power-washed the outside walls.

Xzayvier Harden graduated from Tampa Bay Tech two months ago and is already employed, helping to put up the new St. Pete police station. He was one of several students the district put forward to speak to reporters ahead of President Trump's visit.

"Right now we have a lot of construction coming into Tampa, they are looking for welders," said Harden. "That's very exciting for me that he wants to come see us."

The White House said late last week they'd chosen Tampa Bay Tech to host a roundtable discussion on trade schools with the president.

It has the highest graduation rate in the county and is a mile and a half from his evening rally.

Also, despite its city address, the school is in a Republican-held congressional district.

"It is an opportunity for him to learn what is happening at the ground level here in our schools and may inform future decision making for our country or our state," said Superintendent Jeff Eakins.

While not everyone agrees with President Trump's stances on educational issues, especially when it comes to charter schools, he has pushed hard for vocational training and education, which is popular with many across both parties.

Administrators say resources have held steady since the Obama-era.

"That has been a focus of every administration at the state and federal level," said Principal Michael Ippolito. "They know that is important for the country."

This is the first president to visit the school and the first presidential visit under Superintendent Eakins, who took over three years ago.

He says he did not hesitate to accept the offer of a presidential visit.

President Obama visited Tinker Elementary in 2014, while MaryEllen Elia was superintendent.