Problems while traveling? Tampa International Airport has your solution

From lost luggage to running through the terminal to catch a plane, traveling can be a stressful experience for anyone. 

Tampa International Airport is going the extra mile to help passengers. 

Before passengers fly, they can get assistance from volunteers at the traveler’s aid desk, operated by the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

The desk assists with problems big and small, helping passengers with whatever issue they might have. 

“Sometimes it’s fairly simple, they don’t understand how the airport works, how it’s laid out physically. Other times it's big problems, things like someone canceled their credit cards or maybe a bad situation at home that we can help them figure out what to do,” explained volunteer Ellen McCormick. 

Clara Reynolds, President and CEO of Crisis Center Tampa Bay, says that they served over 21,000 passengers last year. 

“I like to have somebody walk away satisfied with my help,” said McCormick.