Professor comforts student’s crying baby while teaching class

Teachers have to juggle a lot in their jobs, and one South Carolina professor took on an extra duty while teaching his class.

Dr. Samuel Reed was in the middle of teaching his math class at Lander University on Sept. 6 when he stepped in to hold a student’s crying baby.

Peterra Richburg, a senior at the university and a student in Reed’s class, had to bring her baby to class after she couldn’t find child care, according to a Lander University release.

"I didn’t have time to let Dr. Reed know that I was bringing her with me. I was so nervous about it," Richburg shared with the university.

As Richburg and her 2-month-old daughter Aria entered the classroom, they received happy responses from the students, which the senior enjoyed.


The now-viral photo of Dr. Reed with Aria. (Photo via Lander University) 

When the baby became fussy, Reed picked her up while continuing to lead a class on teaching addition to students. The professor told the school he didn’t want Richburg to feel distracted during class.

"I figured we could ignore her cries until mom returned, or I could hold her and see if I could help. So, I picked her up and continued teaching," Reed explained to the university. "I also wanted Peterra not to feel distracted and to actively participate with her peers around her. Plus, who doesn't want to hold a cute baby!? Guests, especially cute babies, are always a pleasant visit."


Photo via Lander University

Richburg took a photo of the heartwarming moment and shared it on social media with the tag "Compassion In Class," which caught the attention of the university and others, the university shared. 

The elementary education major acknowledged the touching moment sharing that her young daughter Aria was alert and looking around the classroom while Reed held her, according to Lander University. She went on to share with the school that Reed told her that Aria can come back to the class anytime. 

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.