Program helps Hillsborough County seniors with home repairs

Seniors on a fixed income can sometimes have a hard time paying for costly home repairs. Thanks to a Hillsborough County program, their homes are getting the repairs they need. 

For 77-year-old Edna Cook, climbing the steps at her home was beginning to become a problem.

"I was starting to have trouble with my back. I do have back problems," she explained.

That's why she is thankful for Centre For Women Home Improvement Program.

"I think it's very wonderful for them to be able to help us older people that, number one, can't afford it and don't have anyone in our families who can do it," Cook said.

The group provided a free ramp to make it easier for Cook to get into her home.

"I've been very pleased with their work," she said. "They've done a wonderful job."

The Centre for Women installs hand bars, toilets, fixes leaks, drains, and much more, according to Michael Provencher.

"The services that we provide or provided to seniors throughout Hillsborough County. It provides the things that they need to better their lives," explained Provencher.

The effort was started in 1981 and has helped thousands of seniors. The service also has another benefit.

"The reward that you see at the end of the day is a satisfied customer and that's worth a lot," added Provencher.

For Cook, it has changed her life.

"Oh, very thankful. I'm very blessed to have them come here," she said.

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