Prosecution describes shooting in Plant City gas station murder trial

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Michael and Bonnie Beson were living the American dream right up until they were killed at a Plant City gas station back in 2016.

"Mike Beson was killed at the convenience store for no reason and this defendant did it, " said prosecutor Megan Newcomb.

The night of April 8, 2016, Micheal Beson and his wife stopped for gas.

Newcomb says they were approached by Alkwaun Dixon and Xavier Smith.

What happened next was caught on gas station surveillance video.

Prosecutors say Dixon and Smith had guns and tried to rob the Besons.

"Alkwaun Dixon goes up to Bonnie Beson and demands 'give me your purse, give me your purse,'" explained Newcomb.

When Mr. Beson ran over to help his wife, prosecutors say Dixon shot him.

"As Mike Beson is leaning into the car, he fires that big revolver and shoots Mike Beson one time in the face, right there at the gas pumps," explained Newcomb.

Jonathan Jones, the clerk at the Mobile gas station, witnessed all of it and called 911.

"One guy goes to the driver's side, one man goes to the passenger's side and, next thing I know, I hear a gun go off and I go back inside the store," said Jones.     

But Dixon's defense attorney, Syed Ahmed says the prosecution’s case is weak and lacks evidence.

"Not one single witness, when they were shown the photo pack, identified my client, Mr. Dixon. Not one. There is no gun in this case, no clothing, lack of evidence," explained Ahmed.