Protest chants interrupt candidates at Democratic Debate's night 2

During Cory Booker's opening remarks about President Trump's Baltimore comments, a loud chant erupted from the crowd Wednesday.

Booker was briefly interrupted by protesters in the audience chanting "Fire Pantaleo" in reference to New York Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo who was involved in the death of Eric Gardner and never charged.

The protesters were removed from the FOX Theatre and said that the chant was in regard to NY Mayor Bill De Blasio's handling of the case.

"Daniel Pantaleo was allowed by Bill De Blasio to enrich himself (from) the taxpayers of New York City," said Rev. Kirsten John Foy. "He has gotten more money, he has padded his pension and Bill De Blasio now wants to export his version of police accountability from New York across the country. We are not going to allow that to happen.

"He has allowed the killer of Eric Garner to remain on the taxroll since the murder of Eric Garner with no accountability."

Later in the debate, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was questioned about the Eric Garner case, and said that if she were mayor, the officer would have been fired - taking a shot at De Blasio - and if she was the president, that a full investigation would transpire.

More chants interrupted former Vice-President Joe Biden when he was asked about if the higher deportation rates would continue if he were elected.

"Three million deportations," yelled a woman holding up a fabric sign that said "stop all deportations on day one."