Providence Skate Park in Riverview announces new instruction schedule

The FOX 13 News drone team has a birds-eye view of Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department’s first skate park.

Providence Skate Park opened in Riverview in 2012. This month, it’s kicking off with some new lessons.

To many, it’s known as the concrete jungle.

Skateboarding has been on a rollercoaster, falling in and out of popularity since the ‘60s.

But this 14,000 square-foot park, with a mix of street and transitional elements and an 11.5-foot-pole, has stayed on an upswing since it opened.

The sport and this park are definitely experiencing a ride to the top.

Providence Skate Park supervisor Mikah Collins says the sport could be part of the next Olympics.

Skaters from the age of 3 to 70 frequent Providence, making it an inclusive and welcoming place.

November lessons for youth, teens and adults are for beginner and intermediate skaters. For more information visit