'Psychic' accused of scamming Tampa businessman out of $1 million points finger at estranged husband

To her clients, Jaycee Wasso is a psychic and spiritual adviser who wards off evil spirits, but to state prosecutors, she is a manipulative con artist who swindled a Tampa businessman out of one million dollars

Her attorney, Glenn Lansky, says she may have charged too much for her services, but she is not a scammer. Instead, he insists she is misunderstood. 

"My client is being accused of a lot more than she could’ve ever done," he argued. 

To understand Wasso’s story you have to start with a young bride named Lin Halfon.

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Halfon spent 13 months in jail for stealing $1 million from her wealthy husband, Richard Rappaport. Last January she took a plea deal and was deported back to Israel, but before she left, she pointed the finger at her fortuneteller, Jaycee Wasso, accusing her of plotting the whole thing.

Now, Wasso is also facing criminal charges, but her attorney said she is taking the fall for the real crooks who are living it up by buying flashy cars and lavish gifts. 

Lansky said Wasso‘s estranged husband and his family stole $1 million and got away with it. He said Wasso is a young mom who suffered abuse in her marriage. He claims she is broke, can’t afford bail and is not a criminal mastermind. 

"Who took the money? Where is the money? And can we get it back for this gentleman? It’s not with my client," argued Lansky. 

Wasso is back in court next month they’re expected to pick a trial date at that hearing.