'Queen of Ybor' works to preserve her hometown's history

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Ybor City may be known for cigars and nightlife, but few can claim it as their home town. Few, except born-and-raised Ybor resident Anna Ramos, who's known by locals as the Queen of Ybor.

Ramos said she loves the history and culture that is unique to her hometown. And she wants to make sure it is preserved for her children and future generations.

"She likes to give back, professionally and personally, in any way she can," said Ramos' daughter, Cindy Toselli.

Ramos took on a role as events coordinator at the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce. She spent the last 20 years as a volunteer to help Ybor move forward and keep the historical buildings intact. Part of that effort took her to Tallahassee to lobby for grants. 

Ramos has been recognized for her mission to revitalize Ybor City. She hopes that she has laid the groundwork for progress.

"My wish is for it to continue growing and get even better for the future," she offered.