Rays superfan brings smiles and spreads joy to his family, community

The Tampa Bay community first met Ellis Alanson during the viral video when he was surprised with tickets to the World Series. 

"Would you rather go to a game or watch it on TV? I'd rather go to a game! Yea!" David McQuillen and his son Ellis tells FOX 13.

His parents took him to Globe Life Field to watch Game 4 -- a game that  many are calling the most exciting ending to a World Series game in history.

"When he was going, 'Boom! Boom! Boom!' Game 4! Walk it off" Ellis said. 

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His dad, David added, "Wish I had a picture of the look on his face cause he kept saying they were going to walk it off ,and when they did his eyes got so big. It was just amazing, unforgettable."  

Because of that initial video popularity, Ellis, the superfan, is now a local superstar.

"Everywhere we went on that trip. When we were going out to Texas, a guy in security said, 'I know you. You're famous! You were on TV,'" Dave recalled. "Sitting in a restaurant, coming up to him, 'I've seen you on TV!' It was pretty cool."

Almost any parent wants to bring joy to their child. For David, he said he gets more than he gives. 

"I have to admit that we get so much joy from him," he explained. "It's not all about giving to him, he gives so much back. We always have a smile on our face because of this kid. It's life with Ellis! I'm his step dad. I chose this, and I chose right."