Rays superfan with Down syndrome gets surprise trip to World Series

Ellis Allanson loves the Tampa Bay Rays  In his words, he’s the “biggest fan in the world.” His Winter Haven bedroom has it all, from pictures to autographs. He even threw out the first pitch once at Tropicana Field. 

“He’s a baseball fanatic. He really is,” said his dad, David Mcquillen. 

And that’s what made a surprise over the weekend so special. 

His parents surprised him at Publix, where he works, with tickets to see his favorite team in person: Game Four of the World Series

“The front end erupted. The customers were clapping and cheering. It was a really cool experience,” Mcquillen recalled.  

“We never told him he has Down syndrome. We never held him back from anything. Every experience we can give him is a teaching experience. He can learn something from everything.” 

Soon there’ll be more even more Rays souvenirs on his shelves, plus memories of a World Series experience unlike any other. 

“We bonded over sports," Mcquillen added. "We built our relationship around sports. It’s a big deal, something he'll never forget. I surely will never forget it."