Ready to help, over a hundred TECO workers head to Louisiana storm zones

This time around, Florida will be spared from any major impacts of Tropical Storm Marco or Tropical Storm Laura. However, the state is no stranger to hurricanes and is familiar with the devastation they can bring. That’s why TECO dispatched their crews Monday morning to Louisiana to be in place and ready to lend a hand after the storms pass. 

About 110 TECO employees, including line personnel, contractors and support personnel left Monday around 7 a.m. to make the day-and-a-half long drive to the New Orleans area.

From there, they’ll stay in place, ready to help out Louisiana Entergy after Marco and Laura pass in case power needs to be restored to the surrounding area.

The state says they are expecting flooding and power outages, so that is why TECO crews are essential to help recovery efforts begin immediately after the storms pass.

However, this response is nothing new.  Florida is always quick to respond in situations like this. When incoming storms are forecasted close to our area, TECO will usually send out crews to make sure they can help in any way that they can. 

Florida Power and Lights is also keeping a close eye on the storm, and they are ready to send crews also if the need arises.