Tampa customers protest TECO rate hikes

Rate increases are leaving customers worried about how they will pay their bills. TECO said the price hikes were due to an increase in storm costs and the price of natural gas.

TECO reaches solar power milestone

Three new Tampa Electric solar plants recently began producing electricity from the sun, helping the company reach a new milestone in its significant solar expansion, TECO announced this week.

Rate hike coming for TECO, FP&L utility customers

Customers of both TECO and Florida Power & Light will soon be paying more for electricity. The state’s Public Service Commission unanimously approved the new multi-year rate plans, as both utility companies shift towards solar power.

Costs and benefits of underground power lines in Florida

When a hurricane whips through, underground power lines could keep the lights on. But it costs as much as $1 million a mile, and when something does go wrong, they have to be dug up to get fixed -- which opponents warn will drive up electric bills.

Utility companies roll out new storm preparedness measures

Big storms have left millions of Floridians without power over the years, but in 2019 the legislature passed a law that requires power companies to start putting lines underground. Now, power companies are giving us a look at how they're tackling these requirements.