Recipe: Mark Wilson's Christmas chocolate candies

This season, we’ve asked our FOX 13 staff to share some of their favorite holiday cookies – and the memories that go along with them.

Monday, Mark Wilson is showing off his Christmas chocolate candies. Here’s his recipe:

It's a simple, fun and colorful treat that Mom has been making for years around Christmas that will always remind me of the simple joys of the holidays. She's still making it (and the best fudge you've ever had – but she’s holding on to that recipe!) but now my daughters have started making the white chocolate candies and have taken it to a new level decorating them. 

Melt four cups of white chocolate (we use Ghirardelli White Chocolate melting wafers) in microwave or on stove, but melt slowly and carefully as not to burn. Typically, four cups on wafers can melt in a microwave in 45 seconds or less. 

Stir chocolate to melt any remaining wafers and quickly add peanuts and broken pretzel sticks, mixing together thoroughly to a peanut butter-type consistency. 

Spoon out a handful on wax paper sheets and let cool (usually will cool in 15-20 minutes). This makes about 18-24 candies.

This is where the fun begins. Take another cup of white chocolate wafers in a smaller dish, melt carefully (usually only 20-25 seconds) and add red food coloring (we use gluten-free) and mix thoroughly. 

Have some coconut oil nearby as the chocolate will begin to harden as you add the coloring. Usually a teaspoon of coconut oil will help loosen it to a soup consistency. 

Once it's mixed, quickly take your spoon and drizzle over the white chocolate candies on the cookie sheet. Follow the same steps with some green coloring. 

If you're really feeling festive, make another batch and mix in one of the colors before you add the peanuts and pretzels for colored candies, then drizzle with white chocolate. 

Be creative, be adventurous and you'll be impressed with what a simple piece of colorfully drizzled white chocolate can do to your day. 

Merry Christmas & happy holidays!