Recipe: Barbecue hashbrown casserole

Thursday nights are perfect for sitting back, getting comfortable, and catching some NFL football on FOX. And since your getting comfortable, Dr. BBQ decided it was time to cook up some southern-style comfort food.

Recipe: Pepperoni pizza cheesesteak

Giants and Eagles fans are both passionate about their teams and they're usually bitter rivals. But one thing they do have in common is an appetite for great food. For tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup, Dr. BBQ decided to take something Philly is famous for and give it a New York City spin.

Recipe: Smoked Buffalo chicken dip

Last week's Thursday night game between the Chiefs and the Bills was at first postponed, then moved to Monday. Despite all of the craziness, our Dr. BBQ discovered fans are still hungry for football any day of the week.

Recipe: Chicago hot dog Cuban sandwich

This week marks the return of Thursday Night Football on FOX. To accompany this Tampa-Chicago matchup, Dr. BBQ cooked up this combination of the cities' two most famous dishes, Cuban sandwiches and hot dogs, respectively.

Recipe: Dr. BBQ’s Ultimate Burger Bar

To make a great burger bar, start with a couple of different choices for the protein. Beef is the most popular, of course, but I love turkey burgers. And we can’t forget the guests who are on a plant-based diet. Always have choices for the buns, too. 

Recipe: Shrimp casino pasta

Want to skip the crowded restaurant scene and do something really romantic?   FOX 13 photojournalist Jason Wright shows us how you can fill the stomach and woo the heart in one tasty meal.

Recipe: Mac and cheese soup

Dr. BBQ says this One-Hour Supper is a unique and tasty soup that will be a favorite on chilly game days. 

Recipe: Italian-style steak sandwiches

Good food is the key to making any Super Bowl party great, so we drafted Dr. BBQ to be our kitchen quarterback. He came up with a plan to "sandwich" in something delicious.

Recipe: Chicken wings with Chinatown barbecue sauce

Kansas City takes great pride in barbequing, and San Francisco is home to one of the oldest and most established Chinatown communities in the country. So here's Dr. BBQ's take on chicken wings, with a unique Asian-inspired sauce.