Dr. BBQ's grilled burgers with homemade pimento cheese

Making homemade pimento cheese is really easy and a tasty treat. Try adding jalapenos, bacon, horseradish or red pepper flakes to make it your own. If you have any leftover after you’ve topped the burgers, just serve it on the side with crackers.

Taste of TNF recipe: Barbecued chicken and waffles

The top two teams in the AFC West battle it out on FOX's Thursday Night Football. And since it's so close to the holidays, Dr. BBQ decided to cook up a pre-game meal that will inspire you to ask Santa for both a grill and a waffle iron.

Taste of TNF recipe: Pittsburgh salad with grilled turkey

Even though it's a couple of weeks past Thanksgiving, Dr. BBQ says he’s wants to talk turkey. He's willing to bet you’ll gobble up what he’s grilling up for the Steelers-Vikings game on FOX’s Thursday Night Football.

Taste of TNF recipe: Barbecue brisket muffuletta sandwich

This week's Thursday Night Football matchup features two teams from cities that are known for big flavors and big appetites – Dallas and New Orleans – so Dr. BBQ created a Texas-sized sandwich that's sure to be a big hit in the Big Easy.

Taste of TNF recipe: Turkey pot pie

Instead of serving up turkey sandwiches, Dr. BBQ shows us how to make your post-Thanksgiving meal into a festival of food. His turkey pot pie is one way to mix things up.