Records: Janessa Shannon had broken nose, was strangled

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New court records show 13-year-old Janessa Shannon had a broken nose and was possibly strangled to death.

Janessa's father, Nahshon Shannon is accused of killing her.

"Yes, he's lost his temper like that several times before," said Michelle Mosley, Janessa's mother.

These new revelations aren't a big shock to her but she never imagined her daughter was in that kind of danger.

In her heart, she knows how her daughter was killed.

"I believe possibly when he hit her it could have killed her. Then [he] could have tried to cover it up and then strangle her to make it look like it was somebody else. That's what he's been doing from day one anyway," said Mosley.

Janessa went missing in July after she was sent to stay with her father for misbehaving. The next day, Nahshon Shannon said he woke up and his daughter was gone. He told officials she ran away.

The community came to together to search for the 13-year-old, but soon after her body was discovered in a nature preserve.

Documents show a shovel found in Shannon's garage matched the soil at the crime scene.

Michelle says the shovel itself is one-of-a-kind. 

"There's no other shovels like that. That's the shovel that he bought from there and he altered it himself and bought his own screws to put in the shovel. I mean it was a very unique shovel," said Mosley. 

Documents show one of the screws was found near Janessa's body, placing Shannon at the crime scene.

Michelle says Shannon's family launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for his defense but it was shut down after a swell of public outrage.

Michelle says this new evidence should be a wake-up call.

"There's a lot of people who know Nahshon and think that he didn't do this but evidence doesn't lie. I mean. it's time to wake up and be on a child's side... She deserves for people to want justice for her, not justice for him," explained Mosley.

Shannon is back in court Monday for a bond hearing. He hopes to get out of jail on bond. Michelle doesn't think that will happen.