Red Cross staying vigilant despite Dorian's projected turn

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The unpredictable path of Hurricane Dorian has kept Bay Area residents on their toes. While it may seem like we might avoid the worst of it, the Red Cross isn't letting their guard down just yet. 

"We live in Florida, we're in a disaster prone state. So whether it's a hurricane, whether it's a tornado or even just a large multi-family fire, we have to be ready to go," said Rachel Nelson, the Regional Director of Communications with the American Read Cross of Central Florida.

They're going about business as usual. They spent Saturday stocking their trucks full of supplies to make sure they're prepared.

"We try and prepare by loading stuff with our best estimate of what we're going to need and where we're going to need it, and then just kind of waiting for the word to go," said Michael Nolan, a Red Cross volunteer who has been deployed in the past.

Cases of water, cots and even hygiene items were packed into the trucks -- all essential supplies for those who might seek safety from the storm at a local shelter.

"Our disaster volunteers train throughout the year," said Nelson. "We have supplies on hand so we're ready to mobilize as quickly as possible."

But even if those supplies aren't needed here in the Tampa Bay area, they won't go to waste.

"The supplies that we have here in Tampa ideally are to support our local residents, but if they're to needed, we can absolutely move those to where they are needed," Nelson told FOX 13. 

So if and when that call for action comes, the Red Cross is ready.

"If we end up fortunate in this case and are not having to activate those worst-case scenarios, then we're all just better prepared for the next one, and we know there will be a next one," Nelson said.