Report: Popular chain restaurants get failing grade on antibiotic use in beef

Some of the most popular chain restaurants are getting a failing grade when it comes to the use of antibiotics in their beef. A new survey out is rating chains on their commitment to reducing antibiotics in beef, but some didn’t pass the test.

Some of America’s most popular chains are under scrutiny.

A new survey out by a team of advocacy groups, including consumer reports and the National Resources Defense Council, shows 15 out of 21 restaurants surveyed got an F.

The reports say the chains failed to show they’re using antibiotics responsibly.

“I don’t want to have to put any more junk in my body that I have to I’m not for those additives or anything,” Marilyn Judd said.

Restaurants like Chipotle scored an A. Panera scored an A-. Both McDonald's and Subway scored a C.

According to the report, Subway’s grade was determined based on the company’s decision to change its policy, promising to act.

“We really want to try to encourage some of these rest is restaurants to buy and to procure meat that is not exposed to antibiotics," FOX 13's Dr. Jo said.

Overusing antibiotics can create antibiotic-resistant bacteria. According to consumer reports, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the hard to treat infections they cause are a global health crisis.

“You have an animal that may have multi-drug resistant bacteria in its system and unfortunately that can get passed on," Dr. Jo said.

The bacteria can then be passed on in the meat you eat.

“They need to go back to the drawing board and try and make it a little bit more healthy for people," Debra Davis said.

As for the other restaurants, Wendy’s got a D+, Taco Bell got a D, and restaurants like Burger King, Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut got F’s.