Report shows pulling the trigger on gun that killed Bradley Hulett took 8.4 pounds of pressure

Attorneys say the teenage shooter accused in the death of 15-year-old Bradley Hulett intentionally fired the gun. 

The shooting happened last December at the home of a Tampa police officer, Edwin Perez. 

Early on, the shooter, Christopher Bevan, now 16, claimed the gun accidentally went off. 

However, attorney Anthony Rickman, who represents Hulett's family, says the evidence just released in the case shows something else.

"Christopher Bevan pulled that trigger. He pulled the trigger after they decided to scare Bradley Hulett and they just didn't scare him, they killed him," said Rickman. 

Rickman points to a new report from FDLE that shows 8.4 pounds of pressure had to be used to pull the trigger on the gun. He says that indicates it was not an accident.

Investigators say Perez's son found a gun in his dad's bedroom while he and two other boys searched for a toilet plunger. 

Bradley was in another bedroom playing on the computer.

A day after the shooting, one of the boys told investigators in a taped interview, Perez's son and Christopher Bevan, who also goes by the name Ramsey, wanted to scare Bradley with the gun.

"Ramsey says, 'Go behind him and put it next to his neck so he could be scared,' and then then they leave," explained the witness.

He says the boys head over to Bradley with the gun.

"I trail behind them I and hear Bradley say, ‘Oh, that’s real’ and then I walk into the room and Ramsey has the gun and he's playing with it and then he says 'what if this was loaded' and then it went off and hit [Bradley]," recalled the teen. 

During a newly released 911 call, seconds after the shooting, one of the boys told dispatchers Bradley was still breathing.

"We didn’t think the gun was loaded and someone actually got shot," explained a terrified teenager. 

Bevan is facing manslaughter charges. No one else faces charges.