Rescued dog works through bucket list as she awaits forever home

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An Angel visited the FOX 13 studios Wednesday morning…a rescued dog named Angel, that is.

She stopped by along with her friends from the Suncoast Animal League, the organization that's caring for her as she awaits her forever home.

She’s been with them ever since she left Hillsborough County Animal Services in March, just waiting to be adopted.

Angel is 12 years old, and they believe her age could be what's stopping families from adopting her.

Volunteers haven’t given up hope that someone will come for her soon, but in the meantime, they’ve created a way for her to have a little fun.

It’s called “Angel’s Bucket List”, and it consists of 50 things she’d like to do to pass the time.

1. Walk on the Beach.
2. Ride in a convertible.
3. Eat a burger at an outdoor deck restaurant.

The list goes on with all sort of exciting things, some of which have already been completed:

12. Go on a picnic
23. Get an ice cream cone
25. have my portrait drawn
49. Have my own Facebook page

And after stopping by Good Day Tampa Bay, she can now check off number 27, too: Be on TV.

It’s the last thing on her list, though, that her friends at the Suncoast Animal League hope she’ll cross off in the near future.

50. Find a forever home.

They say whoever adopts Angel won’t regret it. She’s fully trained and won’t chew your favorite things, but she still has her energy and her health too.

Those interested in learning more about Angel can visit her Facebook page, or call the Suncoast Animal League at 827-786-1330.