Retired mess hall Army sergeant continues serving veterans

A retired Army Sergeant has continued to serve his country and other veterans through sustenance. 

Retired Army mess hall Sgt. Tim Ferguson says his call to serve is not over.

"[I] try to feed the homeless vets that are on the northside of Lakeland and I feed the people within this park with some sort of a treat that they can't pay for themselves," Ferguson explained.

Every day, he rides around on a decorated golf cart, giving food and treats to Holiday Park Mobile Home residents.

"He's a great person," said one resident. "A real great person."

Tim started his mission to help others earlier this year.

"I would hope that if I needed help, they would be there for me, too. If I asked them," Ferguson said.

His effort haven't gone unnoticed, but he says he isn't looking for notoriety - just satisfaction.

"I'm not looking for a pat on the back or anything. The idea that they can get something and make me feel good that they are eating," he explained.

His sacrifice of time and effort, to make sure the needs of veterans are met, is appreciated by everyone in his community.