Road relief is on the way in 2018

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Potholes aren't pretty.
If you are like most drivers in the Tampa Bay area, you steer clear of roadways pocked with potholes if possible. But what happens when you can't avoid the roadway?

What happens if the roadway is so full of potholes and repair marks that the supposed to be smooth surface requires you to check your dental work after driving over it?

Hope is on the horizon.

Hillsborough County is working towards a resurfacing plan for roads in the unincorporated parts of the county.

The 2018 plan should cover the worst offenders ro remedy the roadway nuisance. The planned resurfacing project should cost about $19 million according to the Hillsborough County Public Works Department. The exact start date has not been determined but should be firmed up by February.

In the meantime, if you wish to report offending openings in your local street in Hillsborough County, visit theCounty's Report-a-Pothole site here:

The Public Works Department will check out the location and apply a patch as needed.  

However, potholes in Hillsborough County aren't only on county roads. Interstates and City roads are also impacted.

The Florida Department of Transportation is addressing the pockmarked pavement of I-4 in 2018 as well.  

The 11 miles from 50th Street to McIntosh Road is slated for repaving in late 2018. The $1.4 million price tag covers the repaving, but the traffic detours and delays could be the true cost for that smooth surface commute.

To the south, I-75 is slated for repaving in the beginning of 2019 from County Road 672 to the Manatee County line. 

The timeframe is a bit further out so the details are still being worked on. 

The City of Tampa takes care of 2800 miles of paved roadways. 

The City works to react to any reported potholes within 72 hours. 

Since water damage is the main contributor to potholes and street damage, the dry season is the best time for making repairs.

If you have a requests for street repairs, those can be made directly to the Transportation and Stormwater Services Department at (813) 274-3101.