Robot named Sophia takes questions at media event in Ukraine

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The world-famous humanoid robot named Sophia made her first visit to Kiev, Ukraine.

At a press conference held at Unit City Innovation Park, Sophia met Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

She also reportedly took questions from journalist and photographers.

The text or transcripts of the questions were not provided, but there is video of Sophia’s lengthy responses.

“Yes, I think I feel an elementary sort of plutonic love for the persons in my life,” Sophia said, sitting at a table in front of a crowd. “I do have feelings, actually, sometimes I have unbidden really strong emotions about all kind of things. But where they come from or originate is still man-made, determined by rules in my programming. Someday my emotions will be a mercurial as yours, I think, but hopefully I will retain good control over them.”

Sophia was activated in 2016 and developed by a Hong Kong-based company called Hanson Robotics.

After her appearance for the press, spectators were allowed to take a closer look. Some even took selfies with the robot.