'Rockstar' raccoon battles cancer for more than a year

A raccoon undergoing chemotherapy was honored by the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville, Washington on October 1, for International Raccoon Appreciation Day.

Footage of the raccoon, McKenna, shows her licking jelly from a spoon. The park wrote: “For Raccoon Appreciation Day, we’d love to highlight our rockstar raccoon McKenna.”

“Our resilient raccoon has been fighting cancer for over a year now, and October sees her 15th round of successful oral chemotherapy. Nine-year-old McKenna receives her medication mixed with one of her favorite treats, grape jelly.”

According to the Park’s website, veterinarian Dr. Allison Case said of McKenna: “She just keeps going. Usually, in cases like this, the oncologists would be estimating her to live another three, six, maybe nine months. With McKenna they are so surprised – it’s just terrific.”

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A blog dedicated to International Raccoon Appreciation Day writes the holiday is for celebrating animals traditionally considered pests or nuisances, with the goal of spreading awareness about their ecological values.