Rollover, hit-and-run crash victim meets first responders who saved his life

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Nearly five months to the date, 19-year-old Jack Kelley met the first responders who saved his life

Surveillance cameras captured his crash back in February. Jack was on U.S 41, heading to class at State College of Florida, when a driver hit him, causing his car to flip several times

Manatee County Paramedics Mike Kaepernik and Jim Larsen rushed to stabilized Jack.

"If you believe in miracles, this is one of them. I’ve never seen anything like it," said Charge Paramedic Kaepernik. "It was a horrific crash. You could tell that from the damage, being on scene."

Jack had been thrown out of his car. The paramedics knew, from experience, he had a traumatic brain injury. 

It wasn't until they finished the call and saw the video that they realized the severity of his accident. 

"We were both pretty much surprised. The whole call was taken care of before we were able to see any of the footage. When you see that, you’re shocked," said Larsen. 

Jack doesn't remember what happened, but he knew the paramedics did what they needed to.  

"I think about them often, but I didn’t know who they were," he said, telling his rescuers. "They're really the ones who saved my life. I mean I owe everything to them."

His recovery will take a lifetime. The accident left him deaf in one ear. Jack knows he's lucky to be alive. 

In a few weeks, he will head to college at Florida Atlantic University.