Saint Leo University takes step forward to open with employees returning to campus

Employees were welcomed back to campus at Saint Leo University on Monday. However, with COVID-19 cases on the rise in the state, the school isn’t taking any chances. Employees who are returning will need to follow a lengthy list of guidelines in order to be allowed back on campus to help keep the St. Leo community healthy. 

The first step of Florida universities re-opening plan also began on Monday. As of now, this part of the plan only includes employees returning to campus. St. Leo University officials stated that step one will be a methodical transition for employees, with some individuals continuing to work from home.

However, for those who are returning there are some new rules they’ll need to follow. Before employees are allowed back, they will need to receive a negative COVID-19 test result. Earlier this month, the university held a drive-through testing site on their campus, giving 1,000 employees the opportunity to have a nasal swab done.

After employees test negative, the university will still be keeping a close eye on them with daily temperature checks to make sure no one has a fever. Face masks will also be required to be worn by every person on campus while in a public setting regardless of if it’s inside or outside. Social distancing will also be enforced even when employees are wearing masks.

Employees will be expected to stay in groups of 10 or less, and step one will not exceed 50% capacity.

Not all employees will actually be returning to campus on Monday. Some will continue to work from home, while others will alternate their workdays to limit the number of people on campus at one time. The university is also deep cleaning all of their work spaces, and they have placed hand sanitizer at every building entrance, elevator stop and high traffic area.

Under the new guidelines, only one person will be allowed to ride the elevator at one time, and stairs will now be only one direction to keep people from passing each other in close proximity.

All employees will also be expected to bring their own lunch, as most of the on-campus dining options will remain closed under step one.

The university will also be limiting visitors during their first phase of reopening. Only individuals who have essential business to conduct at St. Leo will be allowed on campus, and they will be expected to socially distance and wear masks just like the employees. 

As of now, the school is only opening back up to its employees. The plan is expected to stay in place until August 14. The school says they plan to release further details about guidelines for students in the coming weeks.

For a full list of guidelines and changes, visit St. Leo University's website.