San Antonio, Florida: A city with a 'community feel'

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San Antonio is a small city nestled between Interstate 75 and Dade City. While small, the Pasco County city has a long history. 

“There’s been families that have lived here for over 100 years and the city was actually founded in 1882,” said Mayor Mark Anderson. 

San Antonio was a German-Catholic colony which led to the opening of the oldest school of its kind in 1884, St. Anthony Catholic School. 

It is home to everything from small antique shops, to baseball fields, and access to Lake Jovita. Even with all of this, San Antonio is known for bike trails. 

“People come three times a week, park here in San Antonio, and ride around the hills for 50- to 100-mile rides,” explained Mayor Anderson. 

They actually host the Gran Fondo, a timed segment bicycle race. 

“It is a city, but it’s really a really small city. Lots of people know each other, you know, there’s a community feel,” Mayor Anderson added.