Sarasota farmers form nationwide agricultural outreach group

Sarasota's farming community is working to have a positive impact on the lives of other farmers. How they are delivering relief to farmers in need is what's right with Tampa Bay.

Farmer and rancher Chris Egolf is not afraid of hard work.

"I grew up doing farming and ranching and 4-H, FFA, everything like that. Just been in agriculture most of my life," he explained.

Egolf is part of the Sarasota agriculture community that helps U.S. ranchers and farmers survive natural disasters.

They call the effort Sarasota Ranchers Farmers Disaster Relief.

"We're trying to give back the best we can much as we can and that's all you can really do," Egolf said.

Mallory Albritton, 17, is a sixth-generation farmer. She is proud of the impact that she and her peers have made.

"Just really proud of our community for coming together and helping others out," she said.

The group went to Nebraska and Louisiana earlier this year to bring much-needed supplies.

"That need was so desperate and we wanted to be a part of it, no matter what we had going on in our lives," said  Leeann Albritton, who went on the trips.

They delivered hay, animal feed and other essential items to farmers and ranchers.

"They can't get materials you know right in that general area. So that's why we are collecting items here and hauling them up there," Egolf said, adding that their message is a simple one: "We all have it in our heart that if you are able to help than you need to help because it could be us next year."

The group is planning more trips this year.