Sarasota fitness club owner accused of molesting 2 girls

Akram "Alan" Sleit remains behind bars at the Sarasota County Jail. He is accused of molesting two girls he was supposed to be training.

"He would gain their trust and earn their trust," said Genevieve Judge with the Sarasota Police Department.

Sarasota Police say 53-year-old "Alan" Sleit was a boxing coach people looked up to.
Behind the doors of his Sarasota Fitness Club and Fight Club, police said he was up to no good.

"When the inappropriate behavior was happening he was promising them the world," said Judge.

Police arrested Sleit after two girls came forward. Officers said a 12-year-old and 15-year-old told them the coach touched them inappropriately.

Arrest documents state he told one girl she was, "an amazing boxer and could be great."

He even offered her free workouts.

"He would make promises to them telling them things like they could be a champion and they are the best thing they've ever seen," explained Judge.

The documents said Sleit touched both inappropriately and told the girls he was helping them stretch.

Police said the girls told them there are other victims.

"I feel sad for the kids and lately with the whole Jared and Subway thing you think not again," said Adam Jaco.

Adam Jaco runs Jaco's Boxing and Fitness, he knew Sleit from the boxing community for over a decade.

"I would  think no man is capable of that let alone coach Allen. I would hope that would not cross their mind," he told FOX 13

Jaco, like many can't comprehend how Sleit, a coach may have violated much more than the teen's trust.

"There is a lot of trust with any coach or mentor. You look to that person  to mentor you, not that kind of situation," added Jaco.

Sleit is charged with two counts of felony molestation of a victim over 12 or older but under 16.
Detectives ask victims or anyone with information to call Detective Megan Buck at (941) 954-7067.