Sarasota is trying a unique approach to cure its traffic woes

At Euduz Salon in Sarasota, Jacquelyn Plessas remembers traffic before roundabouts.

"It was backed up," she said. During season it could be a nightmare. "You had to wait for lights and your lights were backed up more," Plessas added.

The city of Sarasota decided to make a change.

Over the years they have replaced normal intersections with roundabouts. They have about half a dozen today.

"It keeps traffic moving. A lot of neigh sayers’ thought there would be a lot of collisions I think we've only seen one fender bender here that I know since it opened. It seems to work like a charm," Nancy Krohngold explained.

She owns Nancy's Bar-B-Q. She said the roundabout on Pineapple has helped her business. "It is a good landmark, better than a traffic signal. You can tell people that is where we are 9:00 p.m. on the clock," she told FOX 13.

The city has proposed an additional 16 roundabouts. They will stretch all the way from U.S. 41 and University, down to Main Street.

It will take decades before they are finished, but once they are the city hopes it will alleviate traffic congestion and help traffic flow.

"You can easily make your way through and you aren't stuck at a light wondering why you have a red when you have nobody else there," said Sarasota City Engineer, Alex Davis-Shaw.

Engineer Alex Davis-Shaw's team is working on one of the proposed roundabouts off Main Street and Orange Avenue. Roundabouts accommodate drivers while also creating a safe crossing area for bicyclists and pedestrians with crosswalks.

"We want to make sure they are comfortable and we can accommodate the volumes needed," said Davis-Shaw.

If you miss your street the first time round there is an easy solution.

"Keep going around and around again. You can turn next time," said Plessas.

The intersection of Main and Orange Avenue is expected to be closed until the end of September.