Sarasota women share secrets to living to 100 and older

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Call them the Golden Girls of Sarasota. A special group of women shares a very special milestone - celebrating birthdays of 100 or older.

They shared their secret to living past 100 with FOX 13. They say the secret to living a long life is to live a good life.

There's a lot of things Marie Brandstatter can tell you about life and history. She turns 100 in December and has seen a lot in her lifetime.

"For years, I used to say to my son when I'm 100, you'll be 80, but I never dreamed I would get there," she said.

She's celebrating her special day a few months early along with 11 other women at Pines of Sarasota. Four are being "inducted" into the 100 club. The other seven are already members, turning anywhere from 101 to 105 years old.

"There's a common theme that kind of runs through each of them. They stay very active, they stay very engaged, don't take themselves too seriously. Some of them are accustomed to having a nightcap every night," said Pines of Sarasota President and CEO John Overton.

Overton admits there's also another secret to their success.

"It certainly doesn't hurt to have good genes," he said.

Dorothy Krueger agrees, adding you need to take care of yourself.

"No drinking... no smoking. That's the two things you stay away from," Krueger said.

She said to always stay young at heart.

"If I was only 10, I'd be the same, wouldn't I? Maybe I'd be creeping," she joked.

As these women join together with friends and family to celebrate one of the world's biggest accomplishments they told us to never take anything for granted because you never know just how much time you have left.

"Live a good life. What else can you do?" asked Brandstatter.

Krueger agreed.

"Be thankful, don't complain, don't criticize, love your neighbor as yourself," she said.