School helps students deal with life, inside and out of class

Anything happening at home or in school can distract kids from learning and succeeding.

A program now in Pasco County is offering a lifeline.

Gulfside Elementary is a community partnership school that has its students focus on learning.

"Anything that parents or families need, we want to be able to meet those needs here so that the students can be the best student that they can be," Principal Clara Craig said.

Social service groups like Youth and Family Alternatives, USF, and Premier Health Systems give families and children resources to succeed.

For instance, if kids need tutoring, they get it. The same with after-school care, health clinic services, and emergency food for financially challenged families.  

"The community school is a great asset to our community because it can help the students that may need just a little bit of help or students that might need a lot more help," Principal Craig said.

The initiative even has after-school activities like karate and yoga to help develop a well-rounded child.

"You get to learn a lot of new stuff about self-defense," student Jaxson Milligan said.

"Other schools would have to go somewhere else and do it," said Mario Tores a student. "But here its like in the main lobby so its a lot easier to get there."

This is the fourth year for the program and is the only one in Pasco County.

"We want everybody to be successful and feel supported," Principal Craig explained.

Her school is working to help students reach academic achievement with love and care.