School meals delivered to kids who cannot travel in Polk County

The Polk County School District has been giving away free lunches at schools and at other sites since the COVID-19 pandemic began making its mark.

But not all families who can use the food have been able to get it -- because they don’t have transportation.

On Monday, the district launched its effort to try and help. It began taking the lunches to six motels in Winter Haven, known for housing homeless families.

“There is enough uncertainty right now. We don’t need to add hunger to that,” Sean Fielder, founder of Faith Extreme, told FOX 13.

His group, along with Lighthouse Ministries, is helping to distribute the food.

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Fielder says they have identified 25 families in serious need, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fancy Osborn, who has one daughter and a son on the way, was thankful when the school district pulled up to Royal Inn, where she lives, and started unloading.

“A lot of families are still struggling out here,” she said. “To see the families actually get a meal or two, depending on what comes, and for them to be healthy meals that [the children] like, I think it’s a good thing.”

Anyone who knows a family that is struggling to get food should contact the district through their Facebook page by clicking here.

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