Science class teaches students about solar, renewable energy

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It's a one-of-a-kind class that teaches kids about our environment and renewable energy.

Lennard High School science teacher Jim Reve gets excited when he's teaching his students about solar energy.

He teaches the only certified solar energy program in Hillsborough County.

"They learn a little bit of structural engineering. They learn wiring, soldering. We learn a little bit of industry code," Reve said.

This is the second year the solar classes have been offered.

"I was real excited to learn how to be self-sufficient and understand how solar energy works," said student Samantha Norstrem.

Sauge Smith, another student in the class, said the course teaches them hands-on skills.

"Just gaining so much more experience with tools and building things, and getting to explore my different ideas during the projects," Sauge said.

Besides being fun, the interactive classes also have a practical application.

"They learn how to be a little more self-sufficient," Rive said. "They learn how to do things for themselves, how to look around the world and go, 'Wow. They may be, to some people, a pile of junk, but I can take that junk and turn it into something useful.'"

He said using hands-on training helps students learn about clean energy in a changing world.

The students made their on solar ovens that they were able to take home. As a result of completing the course, the students can also get solar certification from HCC.