Semi truck sideswipes 2 pulled-over police cruisers

One police officer was taken to the hospital after a semi-truck sideswiped two parked Bowling Green Police cruisers.

The crash happened Monday evening at U.S. 17 and Doc Coil Road. The two police cars were pulled over, investigating another crash, when the semi collided with the vehicles on the drivers' sides. 

A photo taken by a witness shows the driver's side door on one vehicle bent all the way toward the hood.

One officer, who was inside his vehicle at the time of the crash, was taken to the hospital for minor leg injuries. The other officer was outside of his cruiser and was not hurt.

Florida Highway Patrol is now investigating what happened. The semi-truck driver, identified as 73-year-old Winston Neville McKen, of Miami, did stop after the collision. He faces a moving violation.

FHP has not said yet if this crash would be considered a Move Over Law violation. But, it's a good reminder that if you do see law enforcement pulled over, as well as first responders, sanitation, utility service vehicles or tow trucks, it is the law to move over.  If you're unable to move, drop down to 20 miles per hour below the speed limit.