Senior living community gets residents dancing, singing during coronavirus pandemic

The Boomer Band is back playing at a familiar location, Keystone Place at Terra Bella. They usually play inside the senior living community, but today they are outside because of the coronavirus pandemic

"We brought the band by to encourage people to get out and get some fresh air, open up those windows,  stand on their balcony, and catch a little music and sunshine," said the executive director of Keystone Place at Terra Bella, Richard Hopkins. 

For seniors like Shirley Thornton, it helped with cabin fever. "It can get monotonous, especially if it gets past 30 days." 

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The band is traveling around the complex on a flatbed truck so that all the residents can enjoy the music. 

"Oh yeah, we love it,” Thornton said. “It's great. You can see all the people outside watching it's great.” Hopkins said they are doing everything that they can think of to keep the seniors entertained. 

He explained, "It’s tough times and so we have to think outside the box and try to engage and bring activities to people in a socially distant manor and it's working out well."  

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