Senior powerlifter breaks records in every contest

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At 66, Yvette Fox is making weightlifting history. The fitness guru is breaking records in every contest she enters.

At 5'4",121 pounds, Fox may be small in stature, but big when it comes to strength.

"I set the record for the World Powerlifting Championship APF which is the American Powerlifting Federation. That's the non-drug testing division of the WPC," she said.

She recently took first place in the senior category at the World Powerlifting Championship.

"I set the record and got the gold," Fox said.

She credits her faith for her success.

"I couldn't do this in my own strength," she said, adding that powerlifting is her pulpit to prove that age is just a number. "People say that but you are 60 and I'm going. I don't know what 60 feels like but I feel 30."

Fox says there is a purpose for her fitness.

"My passion is to inspire others... I love to inspire others to a healthy lifestyle," Fox said.

She has definitely been an influence on my own mom," her trainer Scott Lamb said. "My mom is about to turn 70 and is about to do her first powerlifting meet."

Fox's advice to other seniors: "If I can do it you can do it too but you can't do it apart from the power of God."