'Senior' prom leads to engagement for elderly couple

One Bay Area couple is proving Cupid can strike at any age, and they're crediting a senior citizen programs for helping them find love again.

Jaime Rodriguez and Luz Rivera met at Town 'N Country's senior center in 2017. After spending nearly every day together, Rodriguez popped the question during the senior prom.

"Off the market, yes!" said an excited Rodriguez.

The couple said they started off as friends, but hard times brought them closer together. Rodriguez's health took a downturn last year, and Rivera stood by him, nurturing her friend back to health.

After Rodriguez recovered, the pair said the sparks started to fly.

"She was playing hard to get," said Rodriguez of his fiancee, "so I told her 'Honey, the train goes by one time, if you don't get on it, you're going to walk."

The couple plans to get married some time next year. For now, they hope to travel to Puerto Rico, where they are both from, to meet each others' family.

"I think he needs me and I need him," added Rivera.