Serial killer complains to judge about being 'tortured' on death row

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Serial killer Robert "Bobby Joe" Long had plenty to say when he spoke to a Tampa courtroom, via speakerphone Wednesday.

"I've learned of the conditions under which I would be transferred and I do not want to go under that torture for 24 hours," insisted Long. 

The man - who was responsible for the murder of least eight victims and the kidnapping and torture of at least one other - had a list of complaints about his treatment behind bars.

"I've been tortured so much, judge, since I've been arrested," said Long. 

Long was convicted of killing eight women in the '80s and was sent to Florida's death row in 1986.

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Last week, the governor signed his death warrant. With Long's execution date looming, his attorneys are fighting to keep him from the death chamber.

They claim Long could have an adverse reaction to the cocktail of drugs used during lethal injection, making the execution cruel and unusual punishment.

Long's attorney claims during a gallbladder surgery in 2013, the anesthesia did not work properly and Long woke up during the procedure.

Now, Long plans to testify in person about it on Friday, but complained the restraints used to transport him from Starke to Tampa are too much,

"With leg irons, handcuffs, waist chains, a black box on the waist chain which goes on top of the handcuffs and locks the handcuffs in place, so there is no flexibility, no movement and that's pulled in the waist chain and pulled tight against my stomach. Also, I will have a shock box on me. That is torture," proclaimed Long. 

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Michelle Sisco said her hands were tied.

"I don't control the sheriff's department and I don't tell them what to do," insisted Judge Sisco.  

After speaking privately with his attorney, Long had a change of heart.

"I didn't want to go through that but my lawyer says I need to be there so I'm going to be there. Whatever they do me I'm gonna be there," said Long.

The evidentiary hearing is scheduled for Friday morning.