Sesame Street tweet sets off tweet storm

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Your favorite childhood monsters from Sesame Street have been busy spreading good will and educational messages on Twitter since 2009, but on Wednesday its fun-loving commentary took an interesting turn when followers began to imply Sesame Street was talking about a "monster" of a different kind.

The tweet that started an online storm read "Did you know there's a MONSTER on Twitter?"

Some immediately recognized part of the phrase from a beloved childhood book, but others found it difficult to separate the tweet from the politics of the day, and jumped to the conclusion Sesame Street was referring to Donald Trump. 

Sesame Street's signature blue monster, Grover was immediately concerned by the news of a MONSTER on Twitter and went on a tweet storm like one we haven't seen since the heat of the presidential election. Grover fired off several tweets right away:

Actor and pop culture icon Wil Wheaton even got in on the conversation, tweeting Grover about his favorite childhood book. But Grover continued:

That's the point when many began to realize what may be happening, including Wheaton. 

Remember the book? Page by page, Grover tries to convince the reader to stop turning pages because there's a MONSTER at the end. 

Within the pages, Grover uses rope to try and tie the pages together, before building a wall to keep readers from getting to the MONSTER at the end of the book. But the monster turns out to be Grover.

"Oh, I am so embarrassed..." Grover exclaimed on Twitter, and in the book, teasing the audience for being fearful, saying "And YOU were so scared."

The final tweet from Sesame Street revealed what was behind its alert of a MONSTER on Twitter. It's the 45th anniversary of the book "The MONSTER at the end of this book."

So as it turns out, Sesame Street was not trying to make a secret comment on the politics of our time, in spite of what many on Twitter said to the contrary. 

And pinned to the top of Sesame Street's twitter page is a message from Elmo: "Elmo wants to spread kindness all over the world! Help out!" 

We'd be glad to, Elmo!