Several collapse while waiting in long lines for COVID tests at Tampa park on New Year's Eve

Long lines, wait times and confusion all came into play Friday at the city of Tampa’s COVID-19 testing site at Al Lopez Park.

The city says the parking lot was already full and a line had formed before it had even opened at 7 a.m.

At points throughout the day, Tampa police opened and closed the parking lot in an effort to cycle vehicles in and out.  

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Some people told Fox 13 they had been waiting more than four hours to get their COVID test.

"I wish it wasn’t so long, I didn’t think this many people would be here," said 17-year-old Gabrielle Michel.  

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Michel believes she may have COVID. She had been waiting a few hours for her test.

"Headaches. My eyes hurt when I move them, sore throat," she said of her symptoms.

The lines were so long a few people required medical attention after standing in the sun for so long. 

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