Sewing group makes clothes for Haiti's children

A family getaway inspired a Tampa woman's passion to help others. 

Cindy Oelke said she saw a need to make life better for some of the poorest children in the world after traveling to Haiti.  

Cindy Oelke's vacation turned into a mission.

"These little kids where beside the road naked," Cindy remembered. "They try and sell you a rock with a happy face on it."

She and her husband took a cruise to Haiti years ago after a huge storm hit the country. While on a bus trip through the country, they saw the devastation that they say changed their lives.

"It just really moved me and when I got back on the bus I said, 'one day I am coming back here to help these children,'" Cindy explained.

So she gathered some women and they started a sewing group to make clothes for children in Haiti. It's called Sew 4 Haiti and they've been sending their garments to Haiti for four years. 

"They were all happy with smiles," Cindy said. "They're very appreciative children, very loving children. So it kind of takes your heart away."

Cindy said the children are not the only ones benefiting from their mission.

"Happiness and peace I guess, too. That you are making a difference in the lives of these young people." Cindy said. "Hopefully they will get educated and go out into the community and make a difference in Haiti."