Sheriff Judd: President Trump doing what he said he'd do

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is in Washington, D.C. with sheriffs across the country to meet with President Trump.

They will discuss crucial issues like border security, the opioid epidemic and the targeting of law enforcement officers.

Sheriff Judd said early Tuesday on Fox & Friends on FOX News Channel that at least eight of his deputies have been shot at in the last month. While none of them were hit, Sheriff Judd says officers need critical support form the White House. 

"There are people that are proactively looking for the opportunity to hurt law enforcement officers," Judd said.

"We're on the ground level, trying to keep the people of this country safe," Judd said, calling it a "breath of fresh air" to see the president follow through on campaign promises like cracking down on illegal immigrant criminals. "They're doing what they said they would do, and that's a breath of fresh air for all of us," he said. 

"Here's what I would say to anyone that thinks that it's alright for illegal aliens who are committing crime to be in this country: What are you thinking? That's not normal America," he said.

Judd says Polk County crime is down, but if policies are passed that legalize drugs or cut prison sentences, crime will go up.