Sheriff: Man pointing crossbow fatally shot by deputies

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Pinellas County deputies say they were forced to fatally shoot a man pointing a crossbow at two other deputies Thursday evening. 

It happened near at home on Whisper Lake Rd. in Palm Harbor. The sheriff's office said deputies were called to the address at about 7:14 p.m.

The Pinellas County sheriff said 55-year-old Stanley Eversol's girlfriend won a European vacation and decided to take a female friend along, instead of Eversol. This apparently made Eversol angry. 

Over the last several days, the sheriff says Eversol threatened his girlfriend with a crossbow. He also allegedly threatened to kill any law enforcement she may call to their home.

The woman told the female friend whom she was going to take on the vacation. The two women were texting each other, but then Eversol's girlfriend stopped responding. The female friend became worried and sent her daughter to check on Eversol's girlfriend. 

The daughter said when she came to the house, Eversol was standing in the front yard with what looked at a shotgun, which the sheriff says is consistent with the appearance of the crossbow Eversol was likely seen holding. 

The daughter called law enforcement. When deputies got to the house, they began talking with Eversol's girlfriend. They took her to the home next door to ask her if she was OK. 

Eversol apparently could see his girlfriend talking with deputies though a window and came outside with the loaded crossbow. 

Meanwhile, two other deputies were standing nearby as backup. The sheriff said they saw Eversol come outside and raise the crossbow to point it where deputies were talking with his girlfriend. 

When they saw him raise the crossbow, they both fired two shots toward him. Three or four of those shots hit Eversol. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

The sheriff said Eversol has no criminal or mental health history they are aware of, at this time. 

The two deputies are on administrative leave, as is procedure, while the investigation continues. No deputies were injured in the incident.