Sheriff: School worker asked student for sex

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A teaching assistant at Cypress Creek High School has been accused of asking to pay a student for sexual intercourse.

William Henson, 21, worked in a computer lab with students taking online courses.

On November 2, deputies in Pasco County say he offered to pay a 16-year-old female student $500 to have sex with him. 

It didn’t happen, and Henson resigned less than an hour later.

Wednesday, he turned himself in on charges of sexual battery by a custodial authority with a victim under 18.

“He had said he meant it in a joking manner,” said detective Shane Hughes. “He did immediately say he knew it was an inappropriate comment and appeared remorseful and tried to fix it per his words," he said.

Henson was hired to work at Cypress Creek on August 7.

In a statement, the Pasco County school district says:

“We are troubled and shocked by these allegations.  We have standards of conduct that we expect all employees to adhere to, and we do not tolerate the behavior Mr. Henson is accused of.”

“You would hope someone in a professional position would realize this is not the appropriate place for that and that’s why they're being held accountable,” Hughes said.

Henson is out of jail on $5,000 bond.