Shipt delivery service

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It's a simple way for the smartphone obsessed to tackle a big item on their to-do lists. Grocery shopping has gone digital, thanks to the Birmingham-based app, Shipt. Now, they're expanding in the Bay area to also do your beer run for you.

He's a knight in shining armor to those with a daunting grocery list. Chris Causey is a seasoned personal shopper with the grocery delivery service Shipt.

"I love the flexibility of working with Shipt because I can set my own hours. I can spend time at home in the evenings. If I want to take a weekend off, I can," Causey said.

He says the pay as an independent contractor is comparable to his old career as a major restaurant manager. He's been cruising Publix aisles with ease since the grocery shopping and delivery service launched here in August of 2015. Now, with Shipt's newly launched alcohol delivery service, he's busier than ever.

"They don't have to go out and buy the wine or the booze for the party or the beer for the Sunday game," Causey said.

Instead, Shipt subscribers simply log in to the app, pick their poison, and choose when they'd like it delivered to their door. The exclusive partnership with ABC Fine Wine & Spirits has already rolled out in Orlando and South Florida and debuted in Tampa on Wednesday.

"Tampa has been a great market for us since the beginning, and alcohol delivery is something people in Tampa have been requesting since we launched grocery delivery in Tampa," Shipt spokesperson Julie Coop said.

Safeguards are in place to make sure alcohol only lands in the appropriate hands.

"We have to verify our shoppers first and foremost are eligible to purchase alcohol in the state of Florida. Second, the member has to be eligible. So they upload their identification to the app, and once the shopper delivers their order, they have to show that verification once again to prove their 21," Coop said.

App subscribers pay $99 a year for the shopping and delivery service. Causey says it's a small price for the convenience, in this case, for your next party.

"It takes that burden off of their plate, and allows someone else to take care of that responsibility for them while they can do something a little more important with their time," he said.

Shipt has now launched in 30 different markets in 11 states.