Shots fired over alleged stolen leaf blower in New Port Richey

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Law enforcement says a shootout in the middle of New Port Richey, Florida was over a stolen leaf blower.

Deputies with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office say the owner of the leaf blower took the law into his own hand, chasing down the suspected thief, shooting that man in the leg. 

Detectives aren’t saying the names of those involved but say last night, just outside the city limits, the driver of the red truck involved had his backpack leaf blower stolen.

Just after 7 a.m. Monday, that man’s wife noticed the leaf blower being taken by the owner of a white truck. Her husband jumped into his own truck to chase the suspect, with law enforcement trailing behind because shots were being fired in multiple locations.

Deputies say the chase ended at a parking lot in the 5000 Block of Main Street. The driver of the red truck, mad over the stolen leaf blower, fired shots into the side of the suspect’s truck, hitting him in the leg. He was rushed to a hospital where he’s expected to recover.

This all happening feet from Heather Bennett’s business on Main Street.

“We watched from the window right here,” Bennett said.  “It was nerve-racking but I felt safe because there were so many cops.”

New Port Richey police say at least one person in the white truck has been charged with grand theft.  The driver in the other vehicle who fired shots is in custody, but deputies haven't said if he’ll be charged and with what.